Defining Instructional Design

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What is Instructional Design?

Many moons ago, I surveyed L&D people and asked them to self-identify their job role titles. This corresponded with a blog post I wrote about Instructional Design being dead. When all was said and done, there were 93 different variances of L&D titles.

  • Instructional Designer
  • Instructional Experience Designer
  • Training (or L&D) Developer
  • Training (or L&D) Designer
  • Learning Experience Creators
  • L&D organizer and developer
  • Training Admin and Designer
  • Employee Enablement Developer
  • Training Engagement Designer
  • L&D Engagement Developer
  • Training (L&D) Generalist, Manager, Director, VP
  • LMS (admin, designer, coordinator, generalist)
  • People Growth Creator (are people in pods in the basement?)


And so on, and so on. No wonder it’s hard for this industry to get all on one page. We can’t even decide what to call ourselves, much less have a consensus on such things as the needed skills that must underpin our profession. It takes just a short Google search to find a variety of capability models for L&D. What I do believe is most of the workplace L&D job roles out there have their roots in some development, design, or management of the professional growth and development of the workforce.

Therefore, on January 20, let’s gather to discuss the nuances of the different roles and responsibilities of instructional designers, learning experience creators, training developers, etc. Are there differences? What are they? What do you consider to be your “Major Job Responsibilities,” and if we were to “Rebel-ize” them, what would that look like?

I look forward to seeing you there.

#LetsDoThis ~ Shannon


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Jan 20 2023

11:00 am CST - 12:00 pm CST

Defining Instructional Design

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