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Where we recharge, become invigorated, and strengthen our capabilities to do more meaningful work!

Our BIG Purpose

Learning Rebels Big Purpose

I Get it...

I get it. There are many different types of communities out in the universe. Why should you join the Learning Rebels Community?

The power of belonging to a community is that when a community has heart and soul - it can transform your personal and professional life and open the doors to new ways of thinking that can take your mindset to new levels.

This is a community where we recharge, become invigorated, and strengthen our capabilities to do more meaningful work!

Have a watch to learn more about how we can all benefit from being a part of the Learning Rebels Community.

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Member Benefits!

Just some of what you can expect

aptd/cptd pre-approved provider for eligibilitly and recertification points

Monthly Learning Themes

We have crafted a range of paths designed to help you earn valuable CPTD/APTD certification points, enhancing your skills and marketability.

2023 Calendar

Monthly Learning Themes

Learning themes to help you focus on conversations that build relationships and capability

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Coffee Chat Resources

Resources from our bi-weekly LIVE coffee chat discussions


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Monthly Mingle!

Open "Office Hours" bring a challenge Coaching sessions

Man on smartphone

We have an app for that

Community goes with you! Ask questions or find resources

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Research Curation

An ever growing list of curated evidence-based research and practices

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Bite-sized or robust challenges to take you deeper into skill practice

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Learning Rebels Library

Give a book
Take a book
Ask for a book
Find recommendations

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Save money on "Learn Something New" Wednesday and other online events or programs

Connections to a Global Community

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Get Ready to Rock!

Discover why you This Community!

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1. Build Your Knowledge

Take the Learning Rebels Coffee Chats to the next level. Stay on top of trends in the industry and access up-to-date resources in one place. Yes, you could gather this information for free across the interwebs, but resources within this community are vetted and evidence-informed.

2. You're Not Alone

This community gets you. Odds are others are experiencing the same joys, pitfalls, and organizational frustrations you are.

Join like-minded professionals to share tips and hacks and, most importantly, support one another.

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3. Find New Opportunities

#ALLTHETHINGS! Within this community, you can expand your network and develop essential relationships. You can explore collaboration and partnership opportunities, find lifelong friends or even find that new gig.

4. Encouraging Action

Are you stuck and need ideas to inspire new action? This community will unite with you to help take action and bring about the change you and your business need.

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5. Perks!

Depending on your community level, you may experience early access to resources not seen in the public domain, early-bird opportunities, and discounts on products, courses, and events.

About this Community

This community addresses the BIG QUESTION, "How can we navigate the changes in the L&D industry and reframe our mindset so that we can build and strengthen our capabilities to do more meaningful work?"

Because when you give in to the siren call of “how it’s always been done,” treating training as an event rather than a curious, strategic exploration of connecting workplace learning to business results – that’s living in a comfort zone.

And that's what this community of rebels is against.

About Learning Rebels

When your training isn’t working and you don’t know why – getting results for your organization can feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to.

I’m Shannon Tipton, Owner of Learning Rebels®. As a workplace learning expert for 30+ years, I help Learning & Development professionals and HR leaders strategically fix what’s broken and deliver workplace training that delivers desired results and leverages resources wisely.

If you’re ready to fight for learning that sticks and results that add value, join here.

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