Making learning stick & results happen

Feeling frustrated about why your training isn't translating to performance growth?

Beginning with our innovative VIP strategy planning sessions, we will help you optimize your organization's training outcomes and achieve key performance goals.

Strategic Planning

Let us help you plan your strategy and the development of your training plans. It's time to think differently about content design and delivery.

Content Rebuilds & Microlearning

Working with your team, we take your content and reimage it into microlearning bundles to help support the learning needs of your organization.

Enterprise Mobile Learning

Shifting from face-to-face classrooms to a virtual delivery takes planning and preparation. Let Learning Rebels help you with the shift.

Custom Workshops

We pride ourselves on helping your team shine. We provide a full range of workshops to take trainer skills to the next level, from train the trainers to instructional design.

Making Learning Stick and Results Happen

Our Mission

You deserve to feel clear and confident about the future growth of your organization. We know that comes from beginning with the end in mind and seeing workplace learning as an end-to-end process that is more than a series of one-off events strung together. That’s why - from services to speaking to facilitating and coaching - we’re your curiosity-driven, passionate partner for maximizing training efforts now, and well into the future.

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The chart shows four points for the Learning Rebels strategy process: VIP Day Diagnose, Team Strategy Development, Implementation and Go forward plan.

Learning Rebels Strategy Process

When your training isn’t working and you don’t know why – getting results for your organization can feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to.

Are you looking to optimize your organization's training outcomes and achieve its key goals? Look no further than Learning Rebels.

Our expertise lies in aligning learning outcomes with organizational business goals, leading to a higher likelihood of success and impactful results. Through a strategic rebuilding process, we work with you to identify the root cause of your training needs and develop tailored solutions to make learning stick.

Don't settle for mediocre training that fails to address your organization's unique challenges. Partner with Learning Rebels to revolutionize your approach to employee development and maximize your team's potential.

Learn more about our strategy process here

Rebellious Rebuilds & Microlearning

The Learning Rebels “Content Deconstruction Framework” is a critical process that takes your macro content and breaks it down into smaller, more effective pieces. This approach enables you to deliver targeted, digestible information that resonates with your team and ultimately drives better results.

Additionally, we can help you leverage your deconstructed content in a variety of ways, including as standalone assets via microlearning.

With our expertise, you can rest assured that your mission critical learning will be delivered in a way that drive results that matter.

The chart shows four points for the Learning Rebels content rebuilding process: VIP Day Diagnose, content inventory, content deconstruction, content reconstruction

Team Workshops

Looking to level up your team's skills and drive business success? Our custom workshops are just what you need!

Working closely with you to understand your team's specific needs and objectives, we will customize a workshop tailored to your unique needs.

Our custom workshops are designed to be fun, interactive, and practical, so your team will not only build skills but have a great time while they're learning.

Schedule time to discuss your workshop goals.

Enterprise Mobile Learning

Take advantage of mobile learning!

Our chatbots can be built to incorporate a vast library of learning content, including FAQs, product information, and troubleshooting guides. Together we can have a fully functional chatbot up and running in no time, without the need for extensive programming or content creation.

We also offer HR essential chatbots that are ready to use right out of the box, with minimal set-up.

Using mobile technology can improve learning retention and engagement by delivering learning directly to the hands of your people.

The chart shows four points for the Learning Rebels strategy process: VIP Day Diagnose, storytelling construction, platform testing, platform implementation

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