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As Learning and Development professionals, we are often called upon to provide powerful strategic insights and rapidly assess the situation to create a needs analysis. Shannon does that and more with integrity, determination and a single-mindedness to resolve all challenges and issues. More powerfully, Shannon does all of that, while remaining true to the fact that all that analysis and strategic planning is about and for human beings. More than anyone I know, she never loses sight of who will be sitting on the other side of the learning experience. Her work is timely, powerful and dedicated. She has a passion for bringing forward the very best in the individual learner and the corporations those individuals work for. If you ever have the good fortune to work with Shannon, you will come away changed for the better.

Lore L


I just had an AMAZING week in Kansas City with Shannon Tipton of Learning Rebels! I've heard, in passing, of the ADDIE model. Shannon brought this to life and now I am wondering how I've managed to train and develop courses without this! The training material is gold. The exercises are unique and so, so beneficial. I've thought that trainers sometimes make some of the worst students because we are not used to sitting in class all day, every day, for a week, but Shannon dispelled this myth within 10-minutes on Day One! Shannon kept us engaged throughout the week. She is top notch!

Stephen H

VP University

I have participated in Shannon's many technical sessions. In addition to being highly accomplished and technically astute, her bright, witty, articulate self always shines through. She has participated in our Learning Cohort and is among our favorite (and frequent) guests. Her presentations are extremely well received. Her authentic self, her desire to help others be the best version of their L&D selves is felt and shared in our group. I consider her to not only be an esteemed guest, but a member of our L&D family and good friend. Always brilliant, always fun, always welcome.

Ramon C


Shannon was amazing. She came prepared and delivered the training workshop to suit our needs. I really enjoyed the personal stories and how to connect the information to real life scenarios. I just finished my ID courses for my Masters Degree and the information taught in this workshop helped me to better understand the concepts I learned in my Masters program.

Aja M


I am thrilled with the way in which Shannon has jumped right in and provided high-quality learning consultation. She's incredibly flexible, creative and has a coaching spirit about her. All of these attributes make for the perfect consultant to work with, especially when one is "on the clock" and perhaps, under lots of pressure to get deliverables "out the door". I highly recommend Shannon for her work as it relates to microlearning and virtual training. She was able to answer my questions, one by one and then pose thoughtful questions, and things for me to consider. Thanks for generously sharing your knowledge and expertise!

Yolanda F

Congressional Hunger Center

After working with you and experiencing your passion for the industry, I realized in an ever-changing climate, and a desire for freedom I wanted to open my own L&D consulting company. My goal is to assist with the L&D needs of several of the small businesses in the area, because we're all new once, right? And I was asked to join the New Mexico Brewers Guild because they did not have any kind of ISD as part of their organization. It's pretty exciting, really. You're a role model for me, and I still follow your work; one day I hope to make as much of a mark of people as you have.

Jody M


Shannon is a creative, organized & detail oriented consultant. Her improvements to the training program at Ambius were invaluable. Her collaborative style shines through and while working on a training manual project with her, I found her to be an effective moderator, thoughtful listener, strong negotiator and genuine team player. She was a joy to work with, always helpful and passionate about her work. I very much enjoyed working with her.

Maureen D.


Shannon is a remarkable learning rebel. She takes what can be seen as mundane corporate training in a new direction. She builds trust by being relatable and developing ideas that make the end product better by leaps and bounds. If you are debating about what direction your learning project will go, hire Shannon at the first chance you get. She is exceptional.

Tina C


Shannon was an amazing facilitator and mentor to our group. She kept everyone engaged and excited about learning the ISD process. Shannon was a pro from our first phone call to our final activity. She provided expert coaching and feedback to everyone in the class, encouraged great discussion on a variety of topics, and ensured everyone developed a new, critical skill set. Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you on future endeavors.

Micheal H


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