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When your training isn’t working, but you don’t know why… getting the business results you need can feel impossible. But it doesn’t have to. We’re Learning Rebels®, and we help you fight for learning that sticks.

We are curiosity-driven, passionate partners in workplace learning.

At Learning Rebels®, we know that doing things the way they’ve “always been done” is why much of workplace training today doesn’t work. As a practice, we rebel against status quo thinking, and instead – allow curiosity to underpin all the work we do.

We’re always asking, how can we make workplace learning better? Smarter? More effective? More agile?

Shannon Tipton from Learning Rebels presents about psychological processing.

It’s asking the right questions, and beginning with the end in mind, that can save you time, money, and resources. It’s also what makes your learning stick and finally connect to the business results you’ve been looking for.

I’ve learned the value of curiosity in workplace learning across my 30+ year career. From working my way up from being a hostess to an international franchise operations manager of a restaurant chain to building the training departments of several different companies– I’ve jumped outside my comfort zone, honed my talent development skills, and gotten to know what it takes to connect learning to business to grow both people and organizations.

Along the way, I’ve earned multiple certifications, including PHR (Professional in Human Resources), PMI (Project Management Institute), Master Instructional Designer, Master Trainer, Blended Learning Certificate, and many more – all in the study of the psychology of learning and human behavior. I founded Learning Rebels® in 2014. I’ve become a respected author in the field with my book, Disruptive Learning. And throughout my working life, I’ve taught and trained thousands of people around the world how to maximize and modernize workplace learning – as a speaker, facilitator, consultant, and mentoring coach to L&D and HR professionals.

In all that I’ve done, I’ll tell you it’s curiosity that’s led the way. I believe it’s what will finally lead you forward, too.

Because when you give in to the siren call of “how it’s always been done,” treating training as an event rather than a curious, strategic exploration of connecting workplace learning to business results – that’s living in a comfort zone. It’s giving up on the results I know can be possible.

So, if you’re ready to fight the good fight… If you’re open to asking the questions that lead to learning that sticks and results that add value – I’m here for you.

A selfie of Shannon Tipton at a conference.

Let’s get curious together –

Shannon Tipton


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