ATD 2016 It’s a Wrap! (PT 5): Homz Umrigar & Priyanka Chopra

ATD 2016 It's a Wrap pt1 (11)

Here we are – the last in the Learning Rebels Series – ATD 2016 It’s a Wrap!

While at ATD 2016 I finally met up with Homz and Priyanka. We had been followers of each other for awhile and Homz in particular was chasing me down to get his Learning Rebels badge – which is well deserved! I was really wanting to catch up with them as they were the only “couple” I knew attending the conference together. How cool is that? Wonderful people, sharing the same passions in life. It was clear to the eye, that they admired each other and were growing and learning together. I am a big fan of Priyanka’s blog, “Total Edification” – I encourage you to check it out. I know you’ll like what you find. So, on to our last installment – from a He Said/She Said point of view.


Who did you meet that made you think? Speakers who were inspirational? Lunch companions who were interesting? Share! 


Homz Umrigar Priyanka Chopra
Aren’t they the cutest??

His view! ATD 2016 ICE – The Global Gathering

ATD’s ICE is what I call a global gathering of likeminded 10,000+ humans under one roof. It’s an annual pilgrimage that one pays to learn, develop, network and share. It is also something that both me and wife @picquee share and hold dear to hearts and minds.  2016 was our second visit to #ATD ICE and 2017 will see us there once again.  I find it to be inspirational and it has almost always sparked my imagination.  An added reason to visit ICE every year is to receive my excellence in practice awards and citations from ATD on behalf of my organization.  #ATD2016 has shown me a few new tricks of the trade; some of which I have already applied since I got back from Denver.  Some key lessons learnt for me to share are:

The importance of building and maintaining a learning culture. For years I have been an advocate of micro-learning and it was good to see it getting traction this year.  Heard my long-time favorite @SimonSinek live in person.  Learnt a few leadership lessons and the importance of why from him.

@dan_steer and @JD_Dillon gave me a few practical tips and tools I could apply immediately.  Using augmented reality for participant notes using @aurasma and @Socrative to engage learners and run surveys was another.

The three things that could not be more practical for me are:  (1) use of @jenga and board games in an on-boarding program. (2) Creating teams at the start of my class and give them points at the start. I will then take those points away if the participants are late from lunch, gamify the classroom (3) use of kahoot & glisser a free tool for training.

Finally the icing on the cake was that “our brain is wired for story” @BreneBrown “chaos creates opportunity” @JeremyGutche, who also gave me the secret to remarkable success, a simple thing like, just ask people around you?  ATD2017 see you again!


Her View: Common Threads

This was my 2nd ATD ICE in a row with my partner in life and learning @HomzUmrigar! After a long 25+ hour journey, I wasn’t really sure that I could spring up to [what looked like] a humongous challenge of learning and networking. I’m not going on a rant about the “information” I gathered at the conference or say what people shared, because I’ve said enough of that on my twitter handle. You will also find a lot of information on that by following#ATD2016 on twitter and even on my blog: Bottom line: you’ll be able to get the conference content from multiple sources, so, I’m choosing to tell you: why and how you must keep learning through ATD ICE or with any opportunity that presents itself to you.

I had attended plenty of sessions at the conference and by the end of it, I realized, they propagated a common thread, which was: 

  1. Be a lifelong learner: We must keep learning, whether informally or formally. It is integral to keep updating your skills and to keep adapting to the changing world. When we become lifelong learners, it keeps us physically and mentally engaged, to maximize our potential and enable opportunities for others to learn.
  2. Be coachable: Conferences like these are wonderful for us to enhance our skills such that we can do the same for others. I wish we all knew it all! Since that isn’t the truth, we need to allow ourselves to be coachable, such that others, who might know more than us or who might be experts in different domains, can add value and provide holistic knowledge.
  3. Listen more, speak less: We have been given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Living in the learning age, we need to observe more than we react, i.e. listen more and speak only where required. This was definitely one of the biggest take away. It is also the golden rule for effective communications at workplace and to resolve any conflicts.
  4. Form a strong network: ATD definitely teaches us the value of forming a culture of learning and a community based learning environment. We must strive to have a strong network of like-minded individuals and we must become active members of an empathetic learning community.
  5. Give back and make a difference: Last but not the least, we must embrace the fact that we cannot learn in isolation. So, while we learn, we must ensure to give back and allow others to learn and grow along with us, while making a difference.

Homz_Priyanka ATD

Hope this aids your learning and enables you to keep rocking your skills! 


Who did you meet that made you think? Speakers who were inspirational? Lunch companions who were interesting? Share! 

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