30 Day Brainstorm Challenge Day 10 & 11: Building Excitement


It’s day 10 & 11 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Building Excitement

It would seem like I have broken a rule. Two posts, one day. Well, that’s what a Learning Rebel does…adjusts the rules for a positive outcome!

Positive Deviance! I found myself one day behind in the challenge.

It’s my challenge and I’m one day behind??? UGH! So, I was trying to keep an eye out for an extra “aha” that was equally interesting to both you and me. But then Kate Pinner inspired me with her post. Rules? There ain’t no rules!

Today, I found my aha from a person who will be a participant in an upcoming boot camp I’m facilitating. It was the perfect aha moment to combine into two days, building excitement – or rather, not being bored with yourself!

Here’s the story.

I am facilitating an ATD Design and Training Delivery Boot Camp. It’s content that I have delivered many times before and people have asked me if I get bored delivering the same content over and over again. Sometimes as much as three times in one month. One would think so, but no. Here’s why.

It’s about building excitement!

It would be easy to assume that I would get bored delivering the same content. However, it may be the same content – but the audience changes. I deliver this content to different audiences in different industries to people with different backgrounds and different points of view. This means the content changes. The foundation may stay the same, but based on my audience – the content will shift, like lose sand.

One of the requirements of the Boot Camp, is participation in pre-work discussions located in a designated discussion area. I’m active in this area because I want the participants to be excited about coming to the Boot Camp and learning new stuff.  The pre-work asks pointed questions about reading and video assignments – requiring a response. This means I have to respond back. Yes, this means extra work but it helps to build excitement for the participants and for me. Who knows where the conversations will take us! In this upcoming boot camp there is a lady who raises chickens. CHICKENS people. How cool is that?

Anywho – the point is that my hope for them is to come to the class feeling set up for success. Nothing kills excitement faster than dread. Not to mention it really gives them a chance to get to know me, and each other a bit more before stepping foot in the classroom. This is where each class is different, you see the different personalities appear.

Funny stuff!

This upcoming Boot Camp has led to an email exchange between myself and one of the participants. He first asked to clarify the start/end times, which I confirmed. His response was that he wanted to be sure so that he could appropriately plan his nap time. GAME ON! My response? No worries – We’ll wake him at the important parts and in the meantime throw stuff at his head. The comments from him and other members of the team within the discussion board were as equally hilarious. Prompting said participant to come up with this graphic:

VPCMan-Girt Girl ADDIE
Created by Steve Hudak

I tell ya, how can one be bored when you know you will have participants like this to look forward to? So, to answer the question if I get bored…HECK NO. Rebels build in their own excitement and create their own universe to allow for hilarity to ensue.

How do you build excitement for your workshops, or programs? Share your best tips. 


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Shannon Tipton

Shannon Tipton

As Owner of Learning Rebels, Shannon Tipton is a skilled learning strategist, content developer and International speaker. Shannon has over 20 years of leadership experience developing successful learning strategies and infrastructures for training departments within organizations in North America, Europe and Korea.

Shannon works with people and organizations to develop learning solutions that brings actual business results. Recognized as bringing real-world expertise into the learning field, Shannon integrates technologies and social learning tools to strengthen workplace alignment, enhance collaboration and increase learning connectivity.

As author of “Disruptive Learning” Shannon frequently speaking at conferences across North America and Europe and ranks as one of the top 100 L&D influencers on Twitter (@stipton).

4 thoughts on “30 Day Brainstorm Challenge Day 10 & 11: Building Excitement”

  1. Love this Shannon and love that you are a day behind. We all have to do what works and remind each other that it’s OK to do so ; )


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