30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Day 14: What’s Your Purpose


It’s day 14 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – What’s Your Purpose?

Here I am in Kansas City, Missouri – facilitating a Design and Delivery Bootcamp.

My aha moment came as I was discussing the importance of knowing the difference between organizational goals and learning objectives. One does not equate to the other. Both are important but both have very difference purposes. I wanted to get my thoughts to you on how you can determine if your course, curriculum, or workshop has a real business purpose. Will your program make an impact to the organization? Will your course help people do their jobs better, therefore helping the business succeed? It’s time to evaluate and understand its purpose.

How do you determine your organizational goal? How do you determine if your programs have real purpose?


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Shannon Tipton

Shannon Tipton

As Owner of Learning Rebels, Shannon Tipton is a skilled learning strategist, content developer and International speaker. Shannon has over 20 years of leadership experience developing successful learning strategies and infrastructures for training departments within organizations in North America, Europe and Korea.

Shannon works with people and organizations to develop learning solutions that brings actual business results. Recognized as bringing real-world expertise into the learning field, Shannon integrates technologies and social learning tools to strengthen workplace alignment, enhance collaboration and increase learning connectivity.

As author of “Disruptive Learning” Shannon frequently speaking at conferences across North America and Europe and ranks as one of the top 100 L&D influencers on Twitter (@stipton).

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