“Originals”, Do it YOUR Way

Naturally, a book titled, “Originals”, would attract me.

As Learning Rebels, our role within the workplace is to not only shape the learning needs of an organization, but also to flip it, blend it, slap it around and create something new, fresh and purposeful. Learning that drives people to be actively involved and training that helps people struggling right now. However, not in the traditional manner. In a way that sucks people in, propelling them to want more and realize that your content is incredibly helpful, and is the “go-to” source for critical information. This is what I love about the book “Originals”

In Originals, Adam Grant addresses the challenge of improving the world from the point of view of becoming original. How can we voice fresh ideas and values that go against the grain and battle status quo? He asks the question: How can we originate, buck the system and not risk someone telling us to not have the door hit us on the butt on our way out?

It is easy to tell ourselves to do things differently, to be original, and to think beyond the norm – it’s quite another thing to march into the office and get ‘er done. Fighting status quo on a daily basis is tiring, frustrating and hard – but extremely rewarding when results are seen. Still, as has been echoed many times within these pages – status quo shattering, first, starts with us. It starts with a good look in the mirror and some serious gut check questions:

Where are you on the continuum?

  1. Are we quiet because we know the chances are good that we will be silenced?
  2. Because the battle is too uphill, do we give-up trying to create programs that matter?
  3. Do we not take the risk of proposing something different because we fear the reaction?
  4. Are we managing our fear, or just living with the path of least resistance?
  5. Are we settling for the culture we are working in, or are we actively trying to make changes – however small?
  6. Do we recognize pain points and try variable solutions? Or are we indirectly causing pain points?

Do you feel good about how you answered these questions? Do you feel you have forward momentum or are you comfortable with what you know and what you are doing? However, could it be, familiarity breeds contempt? Have we become so comfortable in our space that haven’t noticed how entrenched we have become? It’s hard to be original and innovative when wrapped up in the coziness of our current capabilities.

[ctt title=”It’s hard to be original and innovative when wrapped up in the coziness of our current capabilities.” tweet=”It’s hard to be original and innovative when wrapped up in the coziness of our current capabilities. via @stipton https://ctt.ec/78tW1+” coverup=”78tW1″]

In his book, Adam Grant reminds us that perfection is not the guiding light. He reminds us that out of all the creations of Picasso, only a certain percentage are considered masterpieces. What if Picasso had waited for perfection to strike? We would be without some of his great work and the art world would be a little less bright.

Creation not perfection!

Therefore, the point is to focus on creation, and not worry about perfection, affect what we can. Rise up, and concern ourselves with areas we can control, on areas that matter most, and then create, innovate, and move forward. This is to say, there are times to be innovative and times to just get it done – then balance the two for optimum success.


Week 4: January Book Giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA

Congratulations to last weeks winner: Andrea M…go and defog that brain Andrea! WOOT!

This weeks book is: Originals by Adam Grant, and it wraps up our January Book Giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA!

It’s the perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the year. That being said, I do believe we have hit on something fun. When talking about learning curiosity – Learning Rebels has always encouraged “being insanely curious” about what you do and in life. This book giveaway has been some awesomesauce!

I’m overwhelmed by the responses from last week’s giveaway, and soon you will see a compiled list of the “sleeping tips” entries. So now, lets get this show on the road…

Here are 3 ways to enter this weeks giveaway.

1) Comment on this blog post (mandatory). What did you read this year that rocked your world? (Interested in more books recommended by Learning Rebels – check out our book page)

2) Join the Rebellious Readers” reading group, new book begins February 6th.

3) Post a picture of what you are reading now (or have recently read) on Instagram with the hashtags #LearningRebels #ReadingNow

“Original” Your Way!

Big, SUPER BIG, Announcement!

So, here’s what Imma gonna do…each month, Learning Rebels is going to giveaway one book. Counting this month that will be a minimum of 15 books.  You never know, we may be giving away multiples copies and other stuff. Some may be training related, others for life, still others for creativity. This is about driving our 2017 goal of Purpose and Progress. 

My goal is for all of us is to keep reading and sharing. Take some inventory, by the end of 2017 you should be doing things differently than here on January 23rd. Starting with changing some habits, and then taking advantage of your inner “badness-ness”, taking care of body and brain by fixing the Brain Fog and lastly – taking charge of your originality, letting your innovative flag fly. This is why I’m wrapping up this month with a call to action!

Call to Action!

Enter the giveaway by posting in the comments what rocked your reading world in 2016. PLUS, any other books you would like to share. Here is a list of the three books we have given away so far.

  1. The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg (winner: Rachel D.) Read post here.
  2. You are a Badass!: Jen Sincero (winner: Kayla R.) Read post here.
  3. The Brain Fog Fix: Dr. Mike Dow (winner Andrea M.) Read post here. 

I look forward to reading your comments!

Shannon Tipton

Shannon Tipton

As Owner of Learning Rebels, Shannon Tipton is a skilled learning strategist, content developer and International speaker. Shannon has over 20 years of leadership experience developing successful learning strategies and infrastructures for training departments within organizations in North America, Europe and Korea.

Shannon works with people and organizations to develop learning solutions that brings actual business results. Recognized as bringing real-world expertise into the learning field, Shannon integrates technologies and social learning tools to strengthen workplace alignment, enhance collaboration and increase learning connectivity.

As author of “Disruptive Learning” Shannon frequently speaking at conferences across North America and Europe and ranks as one of the top 100 L&D influencers on Twitter (@stipton).

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