AI: Your New Instructional Design Sidekick

In this comprehensive 60 minute workshop, we will take a step-by-step approach to effectively use prompt engineering to guide the direction of meaningful content development.

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Workshop: AI as Your Sidekick

Wondering what all the fuss is about AI? You’re not alone! The question is not if AI can help us, but how?



In this workshop:

  1. We will address AI’s capabilities and limitations, such as understanding and mitigating issues like hallucinations and automation bias, ensuring you use these tools with confidence and accuracy.
  2. Starting with the fundamentals, we’ll show you how to craft prompts that harness AI’s potential to expedite and target the content creation process.
  3. We will take a step-by-step approach to effectively use prompt engineering to guide the direction of meaningful outcome development.

Working side-by-side, using a learning plan as a practical example, we will:

  • Examine AI’s abilities and limitations, setting the stage for its effective use in instructional design.
  • Practice engineering prompt formulas to give you more targeted, relevant, and less neutral (or generic) responses.
  • Identify how the use of roles and personas will direct your AI sidekick to be more helpful and effective.
  • Using prompt engineering, direct AI to develop learning objectives that are more action-focused and align with Bloom’s Taxonomy.

By the end of our time together, you’ll leave with a solid grasp of how to employ ChatGPT (or the AI Tool of your choice) in developing learning content.

You will leave having practiced with the Learning Rebels AI Cheatsheet to:

  • Analyze potential learning content
  • Develop learning outcomes
  • Design learning activities based on the outcomes and Gagne’s Nine Events

This hands-on approach will help you transform training requirements into structured, relevant, and interesting training content, integrating the use of AI and other resources.

In this workshop, we will use:

  • ChatGPT 4: Paid Version
  • Google Gemini: Free Version
  • Perplexity: Free Version
  • Claude: Free Version

What you will walk away with:

  • Prompt Engineering Cheatsheet
  • Copy of the deck
  • The workshop recording and transcription



aptd/cptd pre-approved provider for eligibilitly and recertification points


This program will earn you 1.5 APTD/CPTD certification or recertification points!

May 29 2024

11:00 am CDT - 12:30 pm CDT

AI: Your New Instructional Design Sidekick

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