Beyond Engagement: Sparking Curiosity in Your Learning Solutions

Are your learning programs stuck in a rut, leaving learners with a shrug and a "so what?" instead of an excited "what next?" But it doesn't have to be this way! Join us for a coffee chat where we'll rethink current learning methods and explore your ideas on how to ignite genuine curiosity in your learners.

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Coffee Chat: Curiosity

Are your learning programs stuck in a rut, leaving learners with a shrug and a “So what?” instead of a curiosity-filled “What’s next?”

Join us for this week’s Coffee Chat, where we’ll explore the art of developing learning content that not only engages but also fosters a deep sense of curiosity among learners. Together, we’ll share practical tips on creating an environment where asking “why” and “what if” becomes the norm, setting the stage for a more immersive learning experience for participants.

Let’s discuss how we can:

  • Plan for Curiosity: How can we design learning experiences that spark questions, not just answers?
  • Keep the Flame Alive: What strategies can we use to sustain curiosity throughout a learning journey?
  • Move From Spark to Action: How do we convert curiosity into lasting engagement and real-world application?
  • Think Beyond the Program: How can we foster a culture of continuous learning that keeps the curiosity fire burning long after the program ends?

Remember the days of learning something new that truly sparked your curiosity? Let’s recapture the days when learning something new truly sparked your curiosity.

  • Share your own curiosity-fueled learning experiences (successes and challenges!).
  • Brainstorm innovative ideas for incorporating curiosity into your learning designs.
  • Ask questions, challenge assumptions, and learn from each other.

This coffee chat is for you if you’re an L&D professional who:

  • Wants to move beyond the basics of engagement and tap into the power of curiosity.
  • Believes that learning should be an adventure, not a chore.
  • Is looking for creative and practical strategies to boost learner motivation and retention.
  • Wants to connect with fellow L&D enthusiasts and share ideas in a supportive environment.


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Mar 29 2024

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

Beyond Engagement: Sparking Curiosity in Your Learning Solutions

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