Breaking Silos: Bridging Business Communication Gaps

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Grab a cup of your favorite brew, pull up a chair, and join us for an enlightening, interactive Coffee Chat about the magic that happens when communication flows freely across departments. 

Ever feel like the Sales department is speaking one language, Operations another, and don’t get us started on the alien code the Tech team seems to use? Imagine what it would be like if we could break down these communication barriers and just ‘get’ each other a little better. Picture a workplace where everyone’s on the same page, working towards the same goal.

In the business world, we often find ourselves buried in our own departmental silos, dealing with the last urgent request. While that focus might make us experts in our own areas, it could also make us strangers to our colleagues in different departments.  In this chat, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of why communication across departments is a big deal – not just for camaraderie and relationship building but also for the collective success of our organizations.

Let’s look at the importance of understanding our different departmental languages, recognizing and appreciating diverse perspectives, and fostering an environment of openness and collaboration and share strategies to tear down the walls of silos and build bridges of communication.

Whether you’ve been around the block or two and looking to improve your team’s cohesion or are a curious newcomer eager to learn how better communication can lead to better results, you have a story to share and something new to learn.

So on Friday June 9th, let’s break those silos and start fueling our organizations for even more success! See you there!


Can’t make it live? We’ve got your back. All Coffee Chat resources will be available on the resources page for 14 days after the chat concludes. This includes:

✔️ Live video

✔️ Video transcript

✔️ Resources that were referenced

✔️ Suggested Books

If you want full 24/365 access to all the resources, including past chats, check out the Learning Rebels Community. 

Jun 09 2023

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

Breaking Silos: Bridging Business Communication Gaps

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