Comics Unleashed: An AMA on Educational Comics for Adult Learning with Kevin Thorn

Join this Coffee Chat for an interactive Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) discussion on the engaging topic: "Using Educational Comics for Adult Learning". In this unique chat, we turn the microphone over to Kevin Thorn as he answers questions about the untapped potential of educational comics as a transformative learning tool.

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Comics aren’t just for kids anymore.

Comics are not just for children or super-hero enthusiasts anymore; educational comics have emerged as a remarkable learning tool with the potential to simplify complex concepts, promote critical thinking, and foster greater learner engagement.

It has been well-researched and documented that comics for learning, educational comics, instructional comics, or even digital storytelling using the comic medium are rooted in the research evidence that the medium far surpasses any other medium for training effectiveness, knowledge retention, lower fidelity, and universally relevant. Therefore by leveraging the visual storytelling capability of comics, we can greatly enhance learning outcomes and engagement for all adult learners.

During this special AMA chat, our expert guest, Kevin Thorn, who is an accomplished developer and comic artist, will answer your questions live and discuss various aspects of this groundbreaking approach. Together let’s explore how the intricate interplay of images and text in educational comics can revolutionize adult learning. As always, this Coffee Chat is open to all. Whether you are an educator looking for new teaching tools (or transitioning into L&D), an L&D professional interested in unconventional learning techniques, or someone who loves comics and wants to know more about their educational potential, this is the place to be!

Bring your “educational comics” questions!

  • Understanding the cognitive and emotional benefits of using comics in adult education.
  • Techniques for incorporating comics into your curriculum or training program.
  • Exploring real-world examples where comics have successfully been used in adult learning.
  • Tips on creating your own educational comics, even without a background in art or design.

We encourage L&D professionals of all levels and who are interested in bringing a different approach to adult education to attend this Coffee Chat. It promises to be an enlightening and entertaining session where you’ll discover new ways to engage your learners and bring complex ideas to life.

Who knows – we might even sneak in a drawing lesson or two – even for those of you who think you can’t draw!

Prepare your questions, bring an open and curious mind, and join Kevin in exploring the exciting intersection of comics and adult learning.

Let’s reimagine workplace learning together!


Can’t Attend Live? We’ve Got Your Back. 

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Jul 21 2023

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

Comics Unleashed: An AMA on Educational Comics for Adult Learning with Kevin Thorn

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