Creating a Safe Haven for Learning

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It would be delightful if, for every training session, everyone turned up ready to listen and engage actively. But Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore!

Many people show up with plenty of training baggage.

  • They may consider your training session punishment.
  • They have had training experiences with facilitators who considered themselves “Master of Their Domain.”
  • They may have participated in training experiences where the other people were unkind.
  • They come with days or weeks’ worth of work on their minds.

When learners feel they are in a safe haven, they are more likely to engage in learning, take on challenges, and pursue their goals. They are also more likely to experience lower levels of stress and anxiety while in a classroom environment.

Overall, it’s not a secret to say that creating a safe and supportive learning environment is crucial not just for workplace learning but also for promoting employee engagement, innovation, and well-being in the workplace. As a point of interest, research by the Harvard Business Review found that organizations that prioritize psychological safety have more effective teams, as employees are more willing to speak up, take risks, and collaborate.

It all starts with prioritizing safety and inclusivity – it comes down to building trust.

On March 10th, I look forward to learning about your practical tips and strategies for creating a psychologically safe haven that supports the learning environment, whether in-person or online.

How can we create a safe environment for people to shake off these burdens? Where they feel save to contribute experiences and stories?

#LetsDoThis ~ Shannon

Mar 10 2023

11:00 am CST - 12:00 pm CST

Creating a Safe Haven for Learning

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