Cracking the Code of Learning Impact

Curious About Cracking the Code of Learning Impact? Sure you are—join Alaina Szlachta for a lively and eye-opening Coffee Chat where we'll tackle the challenges behind learning measurement and evaluation head-on!

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Coffee Chat Learning Impact

Curious About Cracking the Code of Learning Impact? Sure you are. Let’s tackle the challenges of learning evaluation head-on!

Join us for an engaging AMA session with Alaina Szlachta, author and expert in the field of learning measurement. In this Coffee Chat, titled “Cracking the Code of Learning Impact,” we will delve into the honest truth about why measuring learning and proving its impact can be so challenging. Alaina will share her insights on the complexities, common pitfalls, and practical strategies to overcome these hurdles.

Expect a dynamic, back-and-forth conversation in which you can ask Alaina your burning questions and gain valuable advice on navigating the ins and outs of learning impact. Bring your questions, challenges, and an open mind for a productive and enlightening discussion. Let’s crack the code together and move towards more effective learning measurement!

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Sep 27 2024

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

Cracking the Code of Learning Impact

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