Exploring Creativity & Critical Thinking with Escape Rooms

The Learning Rebels have been scattered! Can you work together to make it back to the Coffee Chat and learn how to use virtual escape games to unlock critical thinking and creative problem solving?

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Here’s the challenge: Can we turn a virtual escape room into a training adventure that unlocks critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and teamwork in your learners?


Inspired by research that explored the effectiveness of using digital escape games to deliver leadership training, we’ll dive into a framework and application of escape games in L&D.

What’s on the Agenda?

On this Coffee Chat we will be joined by Dr. Rachel Arpin, who developed “The Leadership Escape Game,” showing the effectiveness of digital escape rooms for leadership development training.

Let’s discuss: Grab your favorite coffee as we explore the theory behind escape rooms for L&D. We’ll discuss the ingredients for building effective escape rooms, from setting clear learning objectives to crafting puzzles that spark creativity and collaboration.

Practice and Learn: Gear up for a virtual escape room challenge! Get ready to put your teamwork and problem-solving skills to the test in a virtual Escape Room experience with Dr. Rachel Arpin. This isn’t just about fun and games. It’s about seeing firsthand how escape rooms can ignite critical thinking and discover creative problem-solving skills.

Debrief & Conquer: Let’s learn together. After our virtual adventure, we’ll huddle up to reflect on our experience. Share your insights, explore how these skills translate to real-world L&D scenarios, and brainstorm ingenious ways to integrate escape rooms into your training programs.

Escape rooms may seem like learning gone astray, another fluffy teambuilding exercise that isn’t relevant and doesn’t provide actionable outcomes. But I challenge you to come with an open mind and experience how escape rooms can be a powerful tool that ignites critical thinking, sparks creativity, and fosters real-world collaboration in your learners.

So join Dr. Rachel Arpin as she leads this Coffee Chat discussion and adventure. See you there!

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May 10 2024

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

Exploring Creativity & Critical Thinking with Escape Rooms

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