Exploring Instructional Design Models

In this session, we're setting the stage for a discussion about the wide array of instructional design frameworks. From the ADDIE model's structured clarity to Agile's flexibility and the iterative nature of SAM, we're covering the variety methodologies that L&D professionals are applying in the workplace today.

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Coffee Chat Instructional Design Models

Are you ready to discuss instructional design models?

In this Coffee Chat, we’re setting the stage for a conversation about the wide array of instructional design frameworks at our fingertips. From the ADDIE model’s structured clarity to Agile’s flexibility and the iterative nature of SAM, let’s discuss the variety of methodologies that you are using to develop your learning solutions.

Questions on the table:

  1. How have different instructional design models influenced the effectiveness of your learning projects?
  2. Have you stuck with a tried-and-true method, or have you experimented with blending different frameworks?
  3. How do you evaluate the success of an instructional design model in your projects?
  4. Looking ahead, what emerging trends or new approaches in instructional design do you believe will shape future L&D initiatives?

This coffee chat isn’t just about sharing knowledge—it’s about building a supportive community where we can all grow together. Whether you’re new to the field, a transitioning educator, or an experienced L&D practitioner looking to think differently about your instructional design practices, your insights are what make these discussions invaluable.


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Apr 12 2024

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

Exploring Instructional Design Models

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