New Technologies for Learning: AI Edition

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If you’re wondering what all the noise is about technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately, you’re not alone.

With this extremely timely topic, we have the honor of hosting Myra Roldan, the ULTIMATE expert in Emerging Technologies. Along with Myra, discover the ultimate game-changer for instructional designers, “AI in the Workflow”!

This 90-minute session allows you to get hands-on experience with AI text tools for creating killer learning objectives and crafting captivating content. Plus, see how AI video generators can bring your ideas to life in stunning ways, and learn how to use AI tools to create immersive scenarios that engage learners like never before.

Join us as Myra walks us through a variety of AI content tools. (Myra recommends starting an account on the first three: ChatGPT, D-ID Video, and Jasper to use during the session).

and help us to understand the use cases around using these types of AI tools, such as:

  1. Intelligent Content Generation
  2. Adaptive Content development
  3. Content Curation
  4. Automatic Translations
  5. Intelligent Tutoring Systems

This is the one Learn Something New Wednesday you can’t miss!

For those of you in the Learning Rebels Community, this LSN aligns with the “Curious Minds” capability under “Learning Technologies.”

Myra is the ultimate tech trailblazer and multi-talented expert. As a successful technologist, renowned public speaker, author, and TEDx speaker, she’s known for her unparalleled expertise in emerging technologies. With a BS in Information Systems, Masters of Education, and MBA, Myra is a seasoned pro in breaking down complex ideas and technologies, making them accessible to everyone.

Her unique blend of technical, business, and learning experience innovation has made her a sought-after speaker on a variety of topics, including curation, augmented and virtual reality, voice, AI, and design thinking. Myra’s passion lies in empowering communities historically excluded from the dialogue, and she strives to instill empathy, kindness, and purpose in her three daughter

Mar 22 2023

11:00 am CDT - 12:30 pm CDT

New Technologies for Learning: AI Edition

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