The Art of Subject Matter Expert Collaboration

When it comes to developing a learning program that is not only compelling and engaging but is highly accurate and relevant, successfully working with subject matter experts (SME) can be tricky. Join this Coffee Chat to gather new ideas and tactics to make your working relationship more successful.

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Coffee Chat: Subject Matter Experts

Let’s build bridges with our subject matter experts!

In this Coffee Chat, we’ll explore your techniques for collaborating effectively with Subject Matter Experts.

When it comes to developing a compelling, engaging, highly accurate, and relevant learning program, successfully working with subject matter experts (SME) can be tricky. Collaborating with SMEs is more of an art than a science. The tactics you use to build and preserve your relationship with the SME can mean the difference between elegant content simplicity and your learning initiative crashing into a ball of flames.

We all accept that design simplicity is critical to the exchange of knowledge. As workplace educators, our job is to help people succeed in the workplace.


Our SMEs have a different role. Their role is to have complete knowledge of a topic to ensure the wheels go ’round and ’round. Their knowledge helps the organization perform at its level best. Therefore, being prepared with questions to respect their time and help you gain as much useful information as possible is critical. Even more critical is having a solid relationship based on trust and respect.

Now, enter the big question. What tactics can you use to build a relationship with your SME that is based on trust, respect, and cooperation?

Questions on the table are:

  • How do we build a strong foundational relationship with SMEs: Understanding their perspective and establishing mutual trust and respect?
  • How do we maintain momentum: Strategies to keep your project on track without overwhelming your SMEs.
  • What techniques can we use to capture clarity and relevance: Techniques to translate SME knowledge into engaging and learner-friendly content.

This is an open invitation to all L&D professionals, whether you’re new to the field, transitioning from teaching, or looking to sharpen your collaboration skills.

Don’t miss this chance to connect, share, and learn from the collective wisdom of the Learning Rebels community. Sign up for the coffee chat today, and let’s explore how to build relationships with the gate keepers of knowledge!

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Apr 26 2024

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

The Art of Subject Matter Expert Collaboration

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