The Skill of Creative Problem Solving

In the ever-evolving world of Learning and Development, staying ahead of the curve requires more than traditional approaches. It demands creativity, innovation, and the ability to adapt to new challenges. That's where Creative Problem Solving (CPS) becomes your game-changer.

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Creative Problem Solving Chat

Is Creative Problem Solving (CPS) the undiscovered catalyst that can propel learning experiences to new heights?


CPS is a vital tool in addressing the multifaceted challenges that often arise in the L&D field. Check out my lastest blog about creative problem solving here) CPS encourages L&D professionals to think beyond conventional boundaries, allowing for the design of flexible and personalized learning experiences. By employing creative techniques such as Five Why’s, mind mapping, and the SCAMPER method, we can craft solutions that resonate with different learners, build curiosity, foster engagement, and align with evolving business goals.

From a business perspective, where change is constant, the ability to approach problems from unique perspectives becomes essential. CPS equips L&D professionals with the skills to analyze challenges critically and creatively, leading to more effective and adaptable solutions.

Whether it’s overcoming resistance to new learning technologies, bridging gaps between training and real-world application, or measuring the tangible impact of learning initiatives, CPS provides a dynamic approach. This approach transforms obstacles into opportunities for growth and success. By embracing CPS, L&D professionals can create a more responsive and impactful learning experience that meets the ever-changing demands of today’s workforce.

Let’s gather on August 18th to discuss:

  • The core concepts and significance of CPS in the L&D field.
  • How more creative approaches to problem-solving can lead to more effective learning.
  • Your favorite CPS techniques


🔥PLUS – Let’s get down and dirty! 🔥

👉Hands-on practice with CPS techniques: Together, we’ll practice interactive exercises using various CPS techniques and discover how these tools can be applied in your work.

Don’t miss this unique chat! Whether you’re new to L&D or an experienced professional looking to level up, this coffee chat offers valuable insights and hands-on practice to transform your approach to problem-solving.


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Aug 18 2023

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

The Skill of Creative Problem Solving

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