Strategic Curation: How Curation Can Help Meet the Business Needs

As L&D professionals, we strive to create learning experiences that not only educate but also align with our organization's strategic goals. But how can we ensure that our curated content truly resonates with these objectives?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, L&D professionals face the dual challenge of finding and then aligning curated content with business goals.


The big question on the table: What strategies does L&D need to consider to align curated content with business goals? Join us for a collaborative conversation where we tackle curation challenges head-on.

We’ve all seen the term “curation” used to describe the act of making generic content available either generally within the space of a social enterprise network such as Teams or Slack, or on a learning management platform. However, without considering how the curated content impacts the people and the business, we’re doing the same thing we’ve always done – haphazardly throwing content to the wind with low engagement and, therefore adding no real value to the business. 

If we’re going to prove L&D value through curation efforts, then we can’t just keep doing the same thing only with a different name. We have to do more.


Together, let’s address these principles to effectively curate content to meet business needs.

  1. Stakeholder Collaboration: How can we work more closely with business leaders, managers, and frontline employees to determine content needs? How can their feedback and insights shape the content we curate?
  2. Outcome-Based Curation: Curating content based on desired business outcomes is more critical than ever. How can we reverse-engineer our curation process starting from the end goal?
  3. Iterative Refinement: What processes can we use to ensure continuous evaluation and refinement of curated content based on real-world results and feedback?


Join us in this Coffee Chat as we share experiences, brainstorm solutions, and collaboratively pave the way for more effective business-centric content curation in L&D. Whether you’re a seasoned L&D veteran or just starting your journey, your insights and perspectives are invaluable to this conversation.

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Sep 15 2023

11:00 am CDT - 12:00 pm CDT

Strategic Curation: How Curation Can Help Meet the Business Needs

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