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Are you feeling a little stuck in a rut? Well, have no fear! Whether you want to Learn Something New about improving your video skills, using AR/VR or diving into the world of AI, there is something waiting for you! So, put on your curiosity hat and Learn Something New today.

Learning Rebels is thrilled to share that we have been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute to offer you educational programs that count towards your initial eligibility and recertification of the esteemed Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials.

Eight Things You Can Do Tomorrow to Make Your E-Learning More Accessible

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Are your learning designs truly accessible? Who deserves the chance to get better at their jobs? Who deserves the chance to access the latest information in their field? Most people would answer, “everyone.” E-learning can be a great way to reach more people with your professional development offerings. But without purposeful planning, technology could be ... Read more

Level Up Your Designs! Steps to Use Canva as Your Go-To Design Tool

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What is Canva, you might ask? Canva gives businesses, organizations, and people like you - a very simple design platform that enables you to create amazing and professional quality graphic designs. Canva is a design tool that is ideal for use in your learning designs to create beautiful projects that engage, inspire and inform. And ... Read more

New Technologies for Learning: AI Edition

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If you're wondering what all the noise is about technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately, you're not alone. With this extremely timely topic, we have the honor of hosting Myra Roldan, the ULTIMATE expert in Emerging Technologies. Along with Myra, discover the ultimate game-changer for instructional designers, "AI in the Workflow"! This 90-minute session allows ... Read more

How to convert your old FAQs into engaging chatbots using AI

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What if you could make those tired old Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents come alive? This Learn Something New session is very special!  We will be joined by Margie Meacham, one of the first instructional design experts to apply neuroscience to instructional design and owner of Learning to Go, or as the rest of L&D ... Read more

To Game or Not to Game: That is the Question

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Unlock the power of gameplay in your learning designs! Video games, in various forms, have slowly crept into the zeitgeist since Atari burst onto the scene in 1981 with its ... Read more


Generative AI Beyond the Basics with Myra Roldan

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Applied GenAI with Myra Roldan!   This program will earn you 1.5 APTD/CPTD certification or recertification points!   With this extremely timely topic, and by great demand, we are bringing ... Read more


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