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To Be or Not to Be…The Kirkpatrick Question

There is an interesting debate within the CLO (Chief Learning Officer) group on LinkedIn regarding the use of the Kirkpatrick model.  Here was the question: “Hi, Is Kirkpatrick model of...
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Status Quo Sucks

  Status Quo Sucks.  So sayeth George Carlin. And you know, he's on to something.  I have yet to read about business success where the mission/value statement said something like...
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2014 – The Year of Kaizen

    I'm not a big believer in New Year's resolutions, mostly they create unnecessary stress.  That list of ten items just staring you in the face.  No, I am...
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Kindergarten Rebel

Not too long ago I posted "5 Tips to Being a Learning Rebel"; in short these were my points. Challenge the status quo. Understand the concept of Kaizen. Knowing that...
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Reaction Level Evaluations: Hate the Player, Not The Game

  In the past couple of years, much has been written about, for and against, the efficacy of so-called “Smiley Sheet” evaluations. These evaluations exist to capture reaction-level feedback from the learner population. I...
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The Dog Just Peed on My Carpet!

  There you are at home, enjoying life surrounded by nice things and fun people. Then the dog comes up, smiles right at you and pees on your good carpet....
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I am Shannon Tipton and this is “How I Work”

David Kelly, inspired by a Lifehacker series, is promoting the "How I Work" series. I find it fascinating to read about how other people are going through their days and the...
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What Should We Call Them?

Recently, I found myself involved in a lively debate via Twitter on the use of the word "Learner" when describing those who participate in learning. When I say lively, I...
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Learning Objectives? I Object!

That's right. I object! Over the years, I have spent a lot of time crafting them, chiseling them so they fit, viewing lists of verbs to ensure each learning objective (LO)...
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Change and a Hot Dog

  The hot dog debate is a debate that has gone on for decades, if not centuries– from the street dogs of New York, to the Chicago Dog, to the...
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