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This is the place to be if you're looking to dive deeper, be inspired by seriously off-the-wall and unexpected discussions, to be in a lecture-free, PowerPoint prohibited community. #NoJudgementZone

Join Learning Rebels Coffee Chats for smart, off-the-wall conversations about L&D topics that matter most today.

Join monthly “Learn Something New Wednesdays” to level up your skills. 90 minutes with established SME’s on a variety of topics from “Writing Test Questions” to “Using AR for Onboarding.”

Building Strong Learning Communities

In this free hands-on session, we'll explore strategies to nurture and sustain active learning communities where members collaborate, tackle challenges, and share valuable insights. You'll gain clarity on what a community can be and learn design considerations for creating a higher purpose. Additionally, we'll discuss aligning community goals to ensure individual efforts are in sync ... Read more

Practical Applications to Bridging the Learning-Doing Gap

In our next Learning Rebels Coffee Chat, we're tackling the subject of "Practical Applications to Bridging the Learning-Doing Gap."     How can we ensure that the skills and knowledge acquired during training are effectively applied in the workplace? This discussion will focus on concrete methods and practice applications that can help close the gap ... Read more

Gifts for the Trainer in Your Life

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by finding the perfect gift for the trainer in your life?     I cannot believe it's ... Read more

Strategies for Sustained Self-Motivation

Strategies for Sustained Self-Motivation Coffee Chat Are you feeling caught in the endless cycle of work, struggling to keep your motivation alive?  You're not alone.  As we continue to wear ... Read more

Choosing Productivity Tools That Work for You

Stop Juggling Flaming Chainsaws, Start Heathy Productivity Habits   Do you ever feel like you're juggling flaming chainsaws while blindfolded on a unicycle? (Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but let's ... Read more

Ditch Onboarding, Embark on Warm Welcomes!

Join our Workshop & Transform Your New Hire Experience Forget dusty paperwork and rigid processes that bore even the most motivated of new hires - it's time to reimagine onboarding ... Read more

Exploring Instructional Design Models

Are you ready to discuss instructional design models? In this Coffee Chat, we're setting the stage for a conversation about the wide array of instructional design frameworks at our fingertips. ... Read more

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